The Dustbin Ladies unhinged!

Who we are, how on earth we got here and what’s important to us

“In our defence, we were left unsupervised.”  ~A statement fondly quoted by the Dustbin creatives!

What exactly is a “Dustbin”… 

And who is being “Revived”? 

The Cambridge Dictionary gives this definition of a dustbin: “a situation in which something is no longer considered fashionable or important and is therefore not used, talked about, etc.”.

It is a word rarely used here in Canada, but in England, where we grew up, the dustbin is a place where all the unwanted went. Ever after many years here, the word is still symbolic to us, and incorporating it into our business name keeps one foot firmly rooted in our past.

What is the revival part all about?

Well, our logo might just show it better than an explanation, but here goes…we take pieces of furniture that have been relegated to the “bin” (e.g. basement, thrift store, auction house, garage sale…you get the idea) and by the time we’ve done our job, like the phoenix rising from the ashes, we’ve transformed it from someone’s trash into a treasure to behold.

Say Hello to the Dustbin Ladies

What do you get when you throw two people into a small space with a lot of coffee and spirited Sagittarian personalities?

You guessed it –  the Mama/Daughter team of Dustbin Revival. Our love for what we do allows sanity to prevail on most days, but there certainly is no shortage of lunacy, humour and mishaps. In fact we have always joked that should our business plan ever falter, there is probably money to be made in a live web cam simply recording our “process”.

Mama Dustbin

Daughter Dustbin

Dustbin Revival was actually a natural evolution for a Mama and Daughter who have never learned the art of sitting still. Consummate project people who have perfected the craft of making something from nothing. Lifelong  thrifters, hunters and vintage seekers long before it was cool, our passion for reinvention and revival of items that others would pass by comes from a deep rooted belief that everything has a purpose.

We discovered years ago the beauty of paint and how it could transform a room, a front door and a piece of furniture, along with the joy that transformation evokes. It is completely feasible for us “Dustbin Ladies” to paint a room several times a year, change the colour of our garage and front doors annually, and yes, we have even painted a lawn tractor!

“Finding beauty in the lost and forgotten”

Our tagline held a special meaning to us long before the inception of Dustbin Revival. Years of scouring auctions and estate sales, there were always those unwanted pieces that few could see potential in. It was those that inevitably stole our hearts and ended up being strapped to the truck, destined for a second chance. These “revived” beauties decorated our homes and soon began to capture the attention of friends and family.

The rest is history.

We are lucky to have  handsome and handy partners that show up for the heavy stuff and occasionally supervise us using power tools we have no business turning on! We are also blessed with a talented and supportive extended family who are our biggest fans, furniture pickers, IT experts and style consultants.

Our daily antics are comical and our process a bit unconventional, but the end revival leaves us eagerly anticipating the next project.

And who doesn’t love a great makeover?


Well...whatcha waiting for?

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