Custom Colour Prep 101 – Dustbin Style

Jun 18, 2018 | How To

Today we are going to share with you our step-by-step process to create a custom blend colour. 


Disclaimer. There is a complete lack of precision and documentation when we mix a custom color. Er…we may re-catorgorize this blog as “How Not To” 🙂

That’s why you get “One of A Kind Colour” never to be repeated because we have no clue what we have done. Amateur mixologists at their finest, yet we always love the outcome. The challenge is to mix the right amount for the project otherwise our unorthodox methods come back to bite us.

Tools for custom blending:

  1.  The same bowl we ate lunch out of, cleaned first of course.
  2.  A teaspoon, as paint stir sticks are overrated.
  3.  Glove-less hands, because Daughter Dustbin forgot to stop at Home Depot to replenish.
  4.  Less than complimentary language. Mama Dustbin just called me a “messy cow”, although refused to show her hands in the picture!
  5.  Sandpaper to sand the top off the fine piece of vintage furniture we “carefully” mixed this color on top of.

Finished project to come where this process will happily be forgotten 😂


After a day of concise and analytical experimentation, factoring in the depths of pigment of each color and scrutinizing the cohesiveness of the amalgamation of the new medium, while being cognizant of the relationship between primary, secondary and tertiary colors we believe our diligence and concentration in this matter using our backgrounds in chemical compositions and mixtures has paid off with the debut of this new custom colour.

Ba ha ha…not!! The process doesn’t have to be pretty as long as the end result knocks your socks off! Say hello to our new colour aptly named “Missing Spring”.  Sorry, Custom Blend formulas are always classified at Dustbin. (Yes, that means we failed to document it.)

Happy Thursday…and maybe break a few rules today!


Welcome to Dustbin!

Welcome to Dustbin!

We’re so happy to share our passion for revival and transformation with you!

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