How to Revive a Studio – Dustbin Style

Apr 18, 2018 | How To

Yes, we do revive more than furniture…which was more of a surprise to us than nearly anyone!

We found a cute little studio space in the fall of 2016 and discovered skills and talents we never thought we had.

It started off with concrete floors, no drywall in places and bare cinder blocks for walls. In typical Dustbin fashion we immediately got to work, because if we thought about it too much, we’d find something else to do!  Needing a little Capricorn grounding to offset the “bouyant” Sagittarians, another Dustbin family member was recruited for the revival.

And so it began.

The local Hardware stores and YouTube became our nearest and dearest for the next two weeks, along with copious amounts of coffee. We painted and wall-papered, cut and installed baseboards and yes, we even gasp…dry-walled. We will admit however gratefully accepting a little help from the Dustbin other-halves on the flooring.  Even then, it was not something we would want anyone else to witness!

All in all (despite a healthy share of familial drama), it was a labour of love and has been our home away from home since then. If you are in the ‘hood, drop by and say Hello.

Welcome to Dustbin!

Welcome to Dustbin!

We’re so happy to share our passion for revival and transformation with you!

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