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May 19, 2018 | Love Story

This piece is a tribute to one of our favourite authors – Jane Austen. As far as we know, Ms. Austen never published any Haiku, so we decided to try our hand and put a Dustbin spin on her “introduction” to society. 

It is indeed a very lame Haiku because it is 7:00am on Sunday morning 😂

“Is it a Grey Desk
Or perhaps a Grey Dresser
Oh it could be both”

Utter failure on our part to properly introduce this gorgeous girl to you but the dog has thrown up, the smoke alarm battery is apparently dying but only one person in the house seems to care, the coffee maker is flashing a message to descale it and it appears that someone cooked a 10 course meal in the kitchen while I slept but felt no desire to clean up! So we are keeping it brief despite our undying love for this lovely girl!

We shall name her Jane, as in Austen, as this desk is worthy of such a title! She is a primitive piece lovingly built with care and an attention to detail. Her upper lid lifts open and her desk slides forward to produce a solid wood working surface. So despite the lameness of our Haiku, she appears to be a dresser until you pop her open to display her desk! The transformation is spectacular on this true vintage piece. She shows some age spots with with a few marks and seams here and there that we choose to leave because I’m sure you are aware, Jane Austen would be no spring chicken at this point!

After a diligent and thorough cleaning, sanding and “fixer-uppering”, we painted her in “Lazy Linen” a soft grey from Country Chic Paint and followed by a tough coat to protect her bits and distressing on her edges to show off her wood underneath. She was given a dark stain in her desk area and her rich colour invites you sit and pen your thoughts, although today, ours may be a bit cynical.

She has three deep well working drawers with gorgeous new white ceramic knobs and lined with pretty paper inside. We are very sorry Ms. Austen that your introduction was done by Haiku and dog puke. Not very worthy for someone of your repute, so we beg your forgiveness.

The “Love Story” Story!

All of our new arrivals come to us with a past. We lend a compassionate ear and listen to the tales they have to tell us about their former lives. Sometimes we have to bite our tongues and let them tell speak without judging or questioning the validity of their experience! We do our best to keep a straight face and offer up our best advice on their transformation. Sometimes it’s a hard sell, but they always come around.

All of the personalities featured as a Love Story in the Dustbin Blog have happily found their way to lovely new homes.



Welcome to Dustbin!

Welcome to Dustbin!

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