A little stroll down Memory Lane

Soak up a little inspiration from our past revivals gallery!

“There’s such a sense of satisfaction when we rescue pieces and restore them to glory. We see the beauty under the damage and neglect and when they get the love and attention they deserve, they simply blossom before our eyes. “~ The Dustbin Ladies


Scroll through our selection of previously revived furniture that have found new homes where they will be loved and appreciated.  Hover over the image (or slide over on tablet and mobile devices) to see what paint colour was used to create their new look and click on the image to see the piece in all its glory and splendour!

If one of the colours is calling out your name, call out ours and let us to help start you on your own revival journey. We stock the Country Chic paint line.

And don’t forget to check out our current revivals waiting for their forever home.

Well...whatcha waiting for?

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