Dustbin’s Little Helpers

Apr 25, 2019 | Product

Instead of giving our revivals the limelight in this story, we’re handing over the reins to the Dustbin four-leggeds. Mama Dustbin and her brood of four (human daughters) all share their hearts and their homes with furry roomies and they’ve agreed to introduce the new limited edition lineup from Country Chic Paint called “Furry Friends” 

We can’t wait to start playing with these colours!

And with no further ado…drum roll please. Introducing…

Cat’s Meow

Endorsing “Cat’s Meow” with great enthusiasm, may we present Tigerlily! Granted, there may be a slight possibility she was asking for breakfast, but since we can’t be sure, we’re going to take it as a thumbs up for this bold, vibrant colour.  There’s no denying those pearly whites have some kind of message!

Feline Fine

Well, aren’t they just? Fine, that is. They sure make us feel fine. Pictured here are a regal Rosie, a ridiculously cuddly Freya, and an absolutely no respect for personal space Walter Mitty. 

Go Fetch!

None of the cats actually volunteered for this. They are quite disdainful about the whole fetch concept.  Zhenya dutifully brought gloves from the back yard, but was balking a little about retrieving her toy from the lake. Jelly is just so happy-go-lucky, even the thought of retrieval makes her smile. We did want to acknowledge that Freya looked at the balls and then went to sleep beside them. And hats off to Rosie and Juno who cleverly turned the table on the fetch business with their little “No treats, no entry” routine. Humans…fetch! Cats. 


And the winner is….Juno, who is pictured using her paws in the most Dustbin appropriate way – moving a new revival into its correct location with her assistant Papa. Runner-up goes to Zhulik conducting a due diligence check to ensure nothing was left behind in the van, then taking a well deserved rest on the trolley after a successful delivery.


We were gonna say that this was reserved for the canines, but Gateau was so purposeful in her stride we couldn’t leave her out, she owned that catwalk! Jelly is just so darn happy…all the time…she’s here with granddaughter Dustbin ready to share her joy with the world. Zhenya and Zhulik are the new posterchildren of “Puppies that Pose” showing how well behaved they can be when they want to go for a W.A.L.K.


Clearly, this is a cat thing. We are rather intrigued by the unusual shapes they make while they’re lounging about, but since they all look so content, we’ll just say its purrrrrrrrfect. In order of appearance: Walter Mitty, Freya, Watermelon and River. 

Help us support the cause!

One of the things we love about Country Chic Paint is their commitment to supporting causes that are also meaningful to us here at Dustbin.

Their newest limited edition lineup was created to support animal welfare across North America. They are donating a portion of the proceeds from every jar sold from this collection to RedRover and Canadian Animal Assistance Team. These organizations provide assistance to pet owners with free veterinary care, emergency shelter, education, and more!

Country Chic Paint is a clay-based paint, 100% VOC free, covers like a dream and leaves you with a rich durable finish. One of the best decisions we ever made was to distribute this brand!

Oh yes, and they are also a Canadian company!

Pop into the Dustbin studio to see the new collection. We also carry a full range of Country Chic Paint products that you can see right here.

Too far to travel?
Put the kettle on, have a cuppa and order directly from Country Chic Paint using our coupon code dustbin10.



Welcome to Dustbin!

Welcome to Dustbin!

We’re so happy to share our passion for revival and transformation with you!

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