Vintage China Cabinet- “Dottie”

Reference #: DR0149

$490 (includes tax)

So we painted this cabinet black a few months ago. We wanted to do something different on the inside, so after painting it white we set her aside to ponder. Distractions set in, which often happens when you are surrounded by lovely old furniture and a rainbow of paint colours, and we forgot to get back to her! Last week Mama announced that we should do something whimsical inside the cabinet. To say I was shocked was an understatement. Mama and whimsy?


So before Mama came to her senses, I said yes. Dots, polka dots! I don’t know if Mama had an extra shot of caffeine or an extra shot of something else in her morning coffee, but she agreed. So polka dots it was. We toiled and toiled practicing the perfect dots for days, and just as we had achieved flawless and precise roundness, Mama balked! Whimsy had abandoned her as quickly as it came, but I am my mother’s daughter so I did not give up, and after what seemed like a decade of deliberation we agreed on removable dots! Yes, put them on, take them off, rearrange them to your heart’s content, which of course we did; it’s mildly addictive. Our trusty vinyl cutter produced perfect round dots in a variety of sizes. My heart is happy, and even Mama has had to admit that whimsy is good for the soul!

So guess what we have called her? You bet, her name is “Dorothy,” “Dottie” for short! We love her 1930’s style, and she wears her 90 years well with a bit of vintage goodness peaking through in imperfections here and there. We painted her in Licorice from Country Chic Paint and Simplicity on her inside shelves. Of course, her dots are her signature and trust us; you can kill a few hours playing with them! 

Measurements – 38″L x 15″D x 64″H 



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