Vintage Nine Drawer Sideboard/Dresser – “Stella”

Reference #: DR0157

$510 (includes tax)

We purchased this lovely Peppler Sideboard/Dresser “Stella” as part of a set and she has sat back and watched her siblings undergo their revivals, get their moment on the staging wall and ride off into the sunset with their new owners. We are not sure what took us so long to get to her, but after lifting her we kinda remembered why! She’s a beast! Nine solid drawers. Yes nine, and she’s 80″ long.

Stella always felt a little underwhelming, a bit of a wallflower. Despite her glorious girth, curves and grooves she really didn’t feel she was putting her best foot forward. So as a teenager in the 80’s, she saved all of her money and trotted off to the “Glamour Shots” shop in the local mall to try and reinvent herself. In a decade where there was no such thing as too much hair, an infatuation with the Bedazzler, and an abundance of sparkle in both clothes and eye shadow, she felt she couldn’t go wrong!! Stella fully embraced her glamour shots makeover was still sporting a rather garish get up, circa 1985 when we rescued her! Being left in a basement since before the internet, Stella had no idea that her look was anything less than fabulous. In fact she was very hard to convince that she needed an overhaul. We let her fully immerse herself in google searches for a few days and we are happy to report she agreed that we must banish her once iconic style and give her a classic and deserving revival.

Stella totally rocks now! She commands the room with her size and function. A perfect dresser, sideboard or entertainment unit. She has three large lined drawers up her middle and then two ornate end cupboards that swing open to expose another six drawers. Her top was fully stripped, sanded and stained to a rich warm glow and her entire body was painted in Pebble Beach from Country Chic Paint, distressed, top coated and then some black wax added to give her some highlights and depth in her pretty grooves. Stella is a quality made “Peppler” piece and from the 1970’s.

We think Stella is pretty thrilled with her updated revival and happy to leave her dated looks behind but we do keep finding some frosted pink lipstick, some baby blue eyeliner and a fanny pack tucked away in one of her drawers!! S T E L L A

You classic movie buffs we know you are channeling Marlon Brando right now, yelling S T E L L A 🙂

Measurements – 80″L x 20″ x 32″H 

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