Waterfall Art Deco Book Case– “Jade”

Reference #: DR0212

$320 (includes tax)

Kermit the Frog never forgets to remind us that “it’s not easy being green.” There may have been a time when being green presented a few obstacles and perhaps you were overlooked, underestimated and not considered desirable, except of course by that lovely pink pig (although we’re not sure that is really an endorsement 🐷).

Well Kermit, rest assured your green hue is right on trend for 2018. We couldn’t resist reviving this lovely Waterfall 1930’s book case in “Carousel” Green from Country Chic Paint. This old girl was a little shy and wasn’t sure she could pull off being fresh and fabulous after years of hiding behind her original drab finish but look at her now!

Her gorgeous waterfall top, two sweet upper drawers and large open shelves are perfect to house your books, collectibles or anything you desire. Ok, and those feet! Are they not the cutest things you have ever seen? They look like sweet chunky toes sticking out. We finished this piece from top to bottom in a smooth protective coat to keep this golden girl in tip top shape for another 80 or so years and the addition of these new, yet vintage styled drawer pulls adds a touch of whimsy and charm.

So please welcome “Jade” to the Dustbin Family! Mr. Kermit, lament no more. It IS easy being green and maybe you just need to change your circle of friends to ones that are a little more supportive. After all, who are they to judge? One lives in a garbage can, one counts all day and let’s not get started on that pink pig.

Measurements – 37″L x 13″ x 50″H 

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