Vintage Armoire – “Adele”

Reference #: DR0247

$675 (includes tax)

When you are 7 feet tall and about 40 years younger than the other inhabitants in the studio, you cause a bit of a stir. Actually, we have a room of raging grannies here that are most displeased with this youthful competition and they refuse to accept this stunning 1970’s armoire into the fold. While the majority of our pieces do fit into the geriatric category, we simply can’t turn our back on any piece that needs us, and this darling fit the bill.

What does it take to fit the Dustbin bill you may ask? Well, you need to be unloved, lonely, a bit drab in the appearance department, but have good bones and loads of potential. Hmmm, actually seeing that in writing makes them all sound a tad desperate, but those are the best kind! We happened upon our glorious ornate armoire in precisely this situation. A sad old girl, pushed in the corner, too big for anyone to bother to move her to a more practical space, and too much work to revive and make her relevant again. We couldn’t leave her behind, so we made an offer and she was ours.

Well, what a beaut she turned out to be! She needed the 70’s to go away and removing her floral “Mac Tac” from her insides was our first, and might I say most laborious step. We scrubbed her up, oiled her inside wood shelves and drawers, and then painted her in our favourite creamy colour “Cheesecake” from Country Chic Paint. We scoured and polished her original hardware, because how can you possibly find anything grander than those? She was then sanded to a smooth finish and distressed all over to give her the aged French Country Farmhouse finish that she so desired.

We have named her Adele and she boasts one large bottom drawer, three inner drawers and a set of shelves and cubbies. She’s in her mid 40’s, which around here makes her a spring chicken, and in beautiful condition. She is desperately seeking a new home where she can be the centre of attention without judgment. These old girls are watching her every move and we think they are planning a coup to remove her from the staging wall! One thing we never do around here is underestimate our seniors, so we will push to get Adele settled in a safer abode.

Measurements: 42″L x19″W x 77″H 

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