Antique Vintage Dresser – “Clarence”

Reference #: DR0228

$399(includes tax)

We don’t get many “boys” come through our door but when we do they cause quite a stir as a few of our lady occupants are a bit fickle and tend to swoon and get silly! But with most of our residents being in their 80’s and 90’s we kind of embrace the the silliness and let them dote on the newcomer for a few days!

The charming “Clarence” has certainly sent hearts a flutter here despite being a centenarian…yep he’s over 100 years old but you would never know it at first glance. He’s regal and charming and has a little swagger since his revival! He spent his life in formal homes with parlours and drawing rooms, and was witness to many a grand ball and debutante cotillions, and all that time he remained loyal and steadfast despite never truly having the chance to shine. When his usefulness wore out he was weary and worn and sent to auction.

We promised Clarence that life on the other side would be spectacular and he’s not disappointed! He needed a fair bit of repair to tighten his joints and fill his imperfections. He was scrubbed and scoured then sealed and painted in a jet black finish. His top was sanded, stained and sealed. Clarence’s original hardware was some of the finest we have seen so we took extra care to bring them back to their former glory. His drawers have been lined and he is a perfectly imperfect true antique gentleman.

Clarence can hardly believe what life is like since his revival. He has his own instagram account with over a million followers, he tweets more regularly that the U.S president, his “in box” on “Matched” is overflowing and he hosts a weekly pod cast on the trials and tribulations of dating in your 100’s. He’s a consummate gentleman though; he has yet to post a bathroom mirror selfie, avoids any political rants or affiliations and is content to simply share the joy of living life as a Dustbin revived centenarian.

Measurements – 40″L x 19″ x 44″H 

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