Mid-size Farmhouse Sideboard – “Wyatt”

Reference #: DR0232

$379 (includes tax)

This is Wyatt, formerly know as Winston. Wyatt does not want to be Winston anymore. Winston was posh and proper and let’s just say it, a little unappealing.  He was beautifully crafted but certainly lacking charm, so with a requested “Farm House Chic” makeover that is Waco, Texas worthy,  Mr. Wyatt has emerged.

For a 70+ year old chap, he was surprisingly well versed in what Modern Farm House style should look like, actually, he was quite obsessed with it. We did discover that he had created a fake profile on Instagram and followed (actually more like stalked) just one person –  Ms. Joanne Gaines – so we knew where Wyatt’s inspiration came from.

With Wyatt’s guidance we painted him in “Pebble Beach” a warm earthy grey from Country Chic Paint and with the addition of some “Simplicity” dry brushed white, we achieved his chippy distressed exterior. He has been given a rich stain inside his cubbies, his authentic top was sanded and stained and his drawers have been beautifully lined. His new rustic drawer and cupboard pulls complete his transformation. He shows some imperfections from years of service but Wyatt couldn’t be happier about that!

While we fully embraced Wyatt’s desire to be all things farmhouse, his detailed makeover demands were exhaustive and quite frankly WAY over the top! He has been a bit sulky since we finished his revival because he felt we had failed him by not adding ALL components for a true farmhouse revival. He feels he was missing a chalk board component, some shiplap, and of course some burlap. He cannot comprehend why there is no hand-painted wooden sign announcing the word “FARM HOUSE” somewhere in his vicinity and he’s most upset that he was not staged in front of, not one, but two sliding barn style doors with exposed hardware.

Well Mr. Wyatt, there is something called understated, subtle styling and paying homage to a design trend rather than letting it be overly obvious, just like Ms. Joanna does! We thought we got through to him but Amazon just delivered a magnolia wreath, 24 mason jars, and a large picture of a cow with flowers on it’s head!

Wyatt has been banned from online purchases and needs to be quickly rehomed and if you embrace the Farmhouse Chic lifestyle the adoption will certainly go a bit smoother! 

Measurements – 49″L x 19″ x 33″H 

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