Vintage Five Drawer 1930’s Dresser – “Poppy”

Reference #: DR0234

$399 (includes tax)

This girl is all skittles and rainbows, happy-go-lucky with a side order of drama queen. Far from humble, she told us her goals were always aimed at the bright lights of Broadway and from her first glance at live theatres in the 1930’s she was certain that was her destiny.

Truthfully her talent leaves us a little troubled as she sings slightly off key, more of a screech really, her Shakespeare soliloquy moves us to tears, literally, and there’s an awful lot of flailing when she dances – and not in the modern dance interpretative way – more of a “someone’s gonna get hurt” way. But what she lacks in talent she makes up for charm and a confidence to set her apart from the others. Even in her former dated, disheveled and worn state, she held her head high and commanded attention.

Now with her dramatic revival completed she’s pretty sure her star is about to shine. We cleaned her up, sanded her down, tightened her 80 year old joints and painted her in a bold reddish pink colour blended from Country Chic Paint’s Devotion and Vintage Cupcake.

Her gorgeous wood top has been stained in a deep rich colour, her hardware refurbished and her drawers freshly lined. Her vintage charm and little imperfections are left to shine.

She had hoped to emulate a Boho Chic look and we certainly think she does. Whether that’s enough to get her Broadway is yet to be seen. Personally we think a voice coach is in order and perhaps a deaf talent agent would help. Even better, a new home might be all the distraction she needs, especially if she is centre stage showing of her vibrant looks.

Measurements – 34″L x 19″ x 44.5″H 

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