Vintage and Papered Armoire– “Maisie”

Reference #: DR0246

$490 (includes tax)

This lovely vintage armoire is so grateful for her revival. She was another piece that had been carefully wrapped up and tucked away, waiting for her day in the spotlight. Lucky for her, Mama and I made a pact to stop bringing in new pieces for a bit and try and get some of these older pieces the help they needed to start their second chapter. We haven’t curbed our buying habits significantly yet, but isn’t being aware of your problem the first step?

But, mama and I have concluded that we do need to develop a meticulous inventory system to identify each piece and categorize them by age, features, size, weight and date acquired. We would then implement the FIFO inventory system, first in first out. This method assumes that we work on the older inventory first, and newer stock waits its turn. Thus, the cost of older pieces is assigned to cost of goods sold, and the latest additions go into inventory.

Ummmm, that’s never going to happen. We subscribe to the “Squirrel” inventory system, also known as the bright shiny object decision-making system. Very precise, you know! It goes kind of like this. Monday morning – stand with coffee in hand staring at the massive hoard of carefully wrapped and unidentifiable furniture (as we don’t believe in labelling anything). Mama points to a piece at the very back that is wrapped in a pretty blanket, and then another and then swears she knows what they are. I reluctantly put my coffee down as I volunteer to climb in and have a look. Of course, they were just the pieces Mama thought they were and therefore we must paint them this week! We remove the 6754 articles in front of them, drag them out, high five one another and push everything back in until next Monday! Now that’s an inventory system!

So we find ourselves in “Armoire” week. Surprisingly we had a couple of them side by side in storage proving that our inventory system is not flawed!

The first one we got to was this sweet old gal from 1957, so her back stamp states! She was sound and solid but truthfully a bit shabby, in the “bad shabby” way, sun-bleached and worn from spending her entire existence in the same house in the same room in front of the same window. She had few demands other than to be relevant and elegant with a touch of shabby chic. Ageing didn’t worry her, but she sure wished she had done it with a bit more style and grace.

We gave her a full-on revival – a stunning wallpapered back, lined drawers, new carved knobs, and the prettiest blue on the market today. Beautiful creamy coats of “Elegance” from Country Chic Paint followed by aged appropriate distressing gave her the elegant aged look she so desired, and we applied top coating for sheen and years of protection. Wowza she looks great!

We’ve named this beauty “Maisie,” and she is actively searching for her new family.

Measurements – 40″L x 19″D x 62″H 


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