Rustic Desk and Chair – “Mavis”

Reference #: DR0257

$275 (includes tax)

A whole lot of imagination was needed when we purchased this lonely old girl. She was gutted. Literally. Like gutted as in missing her sewing machine leaving a big hole in her top! A truly sad sight and we just knew we couldn’t leave her behind. A little bargaining, as the last owner suddenly became attached to the dilapidated girl once interest was shown. We listened as he fondly reminisced about his sweet Granny contently sewing the families clothes by the fireside, humming a lilting melody as her little sewing machine whirled away. She used and loved that sewing machine and mending things for the family so much that the sewing machine plum wore out! True to form, we fell for the story and handsomely overpaid for the remnants of Granny’s sewing cabinet and took her home.

Well……it wasn’t long before the truth came out! This old cabinet who we have named “Mavis,” couldn’t wait to spill the beans. The little idyllic fireside scenario was a tad embellished. Granny hated sewing. She never sat by the fire as it intensified her never ending menopausal rage. She definitely never sang, rather snarled and muttered under her breath – certainly no lilting melody ever left that lady’s lips.  And her sewing machine didn’t actually wear out. Decades ago, Grandpa fatally (for the sewing machine) mentioned that Granny had hemmed his pants a bit short. You could have heard a pin drop as those words fell from the poor mans lips. Old mighty Mavis, all 90 lbs of her plucked that sewing machine straight from its cabinet and hurled it at her very unsuspecting husband! Granny never sewed a stitch again and the family wisely never asked. Although we fell for the fictitious story of Mavis’ past and bought her on that premise, we kind of have mad respect for Granny now we know the true story :-).

So let’s get to the revival of Mavis. Since Granny blew a hole in her, she needed a new one. Rustic it had to be as this girl is old. We cut and sanded some old slabs of wood and added layers of rich dark stain and sealer. We scrubbed and cleaned her lovely aged wood legs and desk area leaving all of her dents and character. We then blended an antique creamy white colour from Country Chic Paint using Cheesecake and Simplicity. We distressed her heavily to show where Granny would have naturally worn her down with her hours of mending, and then waxed her to a warm, worn glow. Mavis has two sweet little drawers and a little pull out shelf above them. So if you love chippy, distressed, brush strokes and charm, this petite, space saving beauty is perfect for you.

The addition of an equally old caned seated chair, treated to the same technique is also included. Mavis is perfect for that small space, easily fits a laptop and can be tucked into a small bedroom, office or even a corner in the kitchen. She’s suffered a lot of trauma at the hands of Granny so please don’t sit and sew anything in her vicinity. It really brings back some unpleasant memories for her.

Measurements – 36″L x 19″W x 30″H 

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