Large Solid Wood Sideboard – “Autumn”

Reference #: DR0260

$699 (includes tax)

We swear this old girl weights 500 lbs. I think I have a hernia to prove it and Mama Dustbin’s already broken toe will now never recover. Moving furniture wearing flip flops, what could possibly go wrong? 😂

Anyway, on to this beauty named “Autumn.” We found her at an auction and she had clearly been lacking love for quite some time. There was quite a bit of interest in her though as she’s old, ornate and solid wood! We successfully won her and for once had brought the right vehicle with us to bring her home without any real mishaps or adventure!

Autumn apparently was once the most cherished piece of furniture in a lovely old farmhouse with an aging bachelor. He adored this girl as she was passed down from his Grandmother and the finest piece of furniture in his humble home. All was right in the world for the two of them until that cursed annual Dairy Farmers meeting of 1987. Aging Bachelor trotted off to the yearly meeting as he had for decades, with little expectation of anything but talk of new udder creams and dairy yields. Little did Old Farmer know that the Swedish Dairy Association were presenting a new fangled milking machine and “Greta,” the past (like I mean, way past), Swedish Dairy Farmers beauty pageant winner would be there promoting it. It was love at first site and within a month Greta was firmly ensconced in Bachelor Farmers home.

Now how does this affect our dear Autumn and how did she end up at the auction house you ask? Well Swedish Greta, equals IKEA, equals goodbye Autumn. Her wood was not “blonde” enough, her lines were not sleek enough and  her name was actually pronounceable!

Old Bachelor sadly said goodbye to his beloved solid wood Autumn to keep the peace and now spends his days surrounded by the likes of pressboard pieces with names like Knutstrop, Malm and Poang. Now don’t get us wrong, we love our Swedish friends and we personally love some of our own IKEA pieces but sadly for Old Farmer this was just the start of Greta’s demands. His lonely bachelor days were starting to look a whole lot rosier, but that’s a story for another time!

Autumn has been lovingly revived, scrubbed and sanded, then scrubbed again as she has been around for 80 plus years. We saved her legs by sanding her blemishes and staining them a dark rich colour. Her entire body was treated to a blend of “Jitterbug” and “Aurora” from Country Chic Paint, then hand distressed and waxed. Her top was also saved, sanded and stained. She is absolutely stunning and so functional with her two deep cupboards, large lined bottom drawer and two deep uppers. He original hardware was earnestly cleaned and polished and looks spectacular!

We promised Autumn that we would revive her and find her a Greta-less family that would forever see her for the special quality piece she is. Autumn can live contently beside IKEA pieces but we need to guarantee she be the centre of attention as part of her abandonment healing process.

Measurements: 66″L x 22.5W x 37″H


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