Vintage French Provincial Desk and Chair – “Bessie”

Reference #: DR0261

$440 (includes tax)

This old girl was the very last piece to go up on the auction block after a very long day. The place had emptied out but the few that were left were quite interested in her despite her very neglected state. The more bedraggled and disheveled definitely speak to us and we rarely go home without them. And we didn’t this time. We careful loaded her up in her fragile state and got her back to the studio for a scrubbing and some fixin’ and set about finding out who she was.

We know she is very old but out of respect we try not to ask. She is quite primitive and handmade with wonderful attention to detail with her curved top drawer and pretty beaded trim work. Her name is Bessie and she does not like to draw attention to herself. She is very meek and mild mannered and has spent her life timidly hiding in a corner doing all that was asked of her. She was worn and tired and there was no spark left in her. She begged us to paint her beige, find her a nice quiet home to live out her days and forget we ever found her.

Well, as you know that is not the Dustbin way. No girl is a shrinking violet around here! Although we love our beiges, we just couldn’t allow Bessie to continue her life of nothingness! She was going to be worthy. She was going to be orange! Well we just about gave the poor old girl a heart attack with that suggestion, so we relented a bit and then compromised. A bright orange inside and a deep rich grey on her outside was the final outcome and we are over the moon with her revival. Bessie struggled a bit with it all. Never has she had so many eyes on her, so many compliments and so much colour on her and around her. A few days have passed and we do see her slowly embracing this revival though, sneaking glances at herself, standing a little taller and beginning to realize that we just might be on to something with this orange colour. She has always known she was practical but now we are trying to convince she’s pretty and practical. Actually she’s a knock out!

Bessie has two big doors with brand new glass installed, three spacious shelves, one large lower drawer, one large upper drawer and that sweet little curvy cutlery drawer on top. She has a real 1920’s art deco feel to her and that is most likely when she was made. Her new hardware speaks to that period and is stunning! She’s truly one of a kind and if you don’t mind giving her the odd “girl empowerment chat” to help boost her confidence, she just might be the perfect piece for your home! She has held dishes, linens, books and knick knacks before so she is experienced and beyond. We guarantee she will be that show stopping piece in any room you put her in, but you will have to work convincing her of that.

Bessie was painted in VOC free paint from Country Chic.  Her insides were done in a blend of Opening Act and Devotion, and her outside in Cobblestone Grey. She has been distressed (because she’s like almost a 100 years old!), and her body waxed and protected.


Measurements – 42″L x 17″W x 48″H 

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