1940’s Vintage Wood Sideboard- “Holly”

Reference #: DR0264

$625 (includes tax)

Mama Dustbin rarely gets in the Christmas spirit. I think after raising four girls, Christmas probably exhausted her most years, so I was bound and determined to light a Christmas fire under the old girl this year. We had this lovely vintage buffet just calling out for a pop of colour so thinking I would ease Mama into the spirit of the season, I suggested red, with a touch of pink, so she didn’t cotton on to my plan. Everything was going just fine, Mama loves red so she blissfully flitted around for a several days cleaning, sanding, staining and painting and her hard work paid off; we were both over the moon with the end results. I prodded Mama a bit to see if perhaps the colour evoked any feelings of the season but she remained unswayed.

I needed to take it a step further so I hauled all 926 boxes of my Christmas decorations out of the basement and into the studio to stage this gorgeous sideboard. Surely Mama would display a little festive spirit now. Some of you may not know that Mama doesn’t have many character flaws, but I do need to point out one:

Patience. She has none.

Unpacking lights, Christmas balls, reindeer, little tiny figure skates, tinsel and the like that had been shoved  in a cardboard box almost 12 months prior left her a little hmmmm, irritated. I tried not to intervene as I felt at any moment the magic of the season would take over. But it actually did not. Mama is currently pinned to the floor entangled in 30 feet of Christmas lights, has glitter in places it should not be, and the death grip that she has around the poor Elf on the Shelf’s throat makes me think I may misjudged the situation. I decided to leave her there to ponder her lack of merriness, popped on my Christmas music playlist, ignored her squirming and gleefully staged this fine and festive sideboard.

I don’t make a habit of laughing at Mama, it’s not wise, but with her briefly incapacitated in the tangled lights, I’m taking full advantage. I have named this piece “Holly” and I think Mama’s nodding approval, but I’m not sure, it may just be more squirming. Holly has been painted in Country Chic Paint Devotion Red with a touch of Vintage Cupcake Pink. A perfect blend for the holidays and all year round.

Looking for a quick sale before Mama gets loose and strips her bare of all of her adornments.

* One large drawer
* large cupboard
* Lined drawer
* Vintage hardware
* Stained top
* Clear and dark waxed

Measurements: 60″L x 20″W x 38.5″H

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