Mid-century Hutch – “Wendy”

Reference #: DR0295

$320 (includes tax)

It is 2°C outside as I type, so this sleek mid-century cabinet painted in “Tropical Cocktail” has become our beacon of hope that Spring has not forgotten us this year. This vintage cabinet’s overhaul gave us all the Spring vibes we needed to brighten our spirits, and her revival makes us really happy.

This is “Wendy” and the road to revival was a little rocky for her, but she’s slowly coming to terms with the fact that she no longer fades into the woodwork. Wendy had always felt pretty “safe” with her nondescript faded wood and practical storage, and that was good enough for her and seemingly for her family. Little did she know of her owner’s sinister plot to put her on an auction site and sell her to the highest bidder! Imagine her shock when two coffee fuelled ladies arrived, wrapped her up and popped her into the back of a minivan! Life had just taken a very unexpected turn for Wendy. (As it did for the Dustbin ladies upon leaving Wendy’s place as one of them always thinks Google Maps is wrong and is convinced when google lady says left she really means right…but that’s a story for another day!)

Anyway back to Wendy. We calmed her down and told her we had only her best interest at heart and that her revival would rival no other! We promised her a new life with people who will love her,  where she can shine, and never become a wallflower again. She was skeptical. They all are. Mama and I seem to have that effect on furniture – we talk a lot, move fast and have a lot of paint on us, so I get it. Well, skeptical Wendy is skeptical no more. She asked to be painted blue so we complied. Pretty sure she meant a safe navy blue, but we just couldn’t. She deserved to be joyous, bright and happy! Country Chic Paint’s “Tropical Cocktail” could do that for her! She was cleaned, sanded, painted inside and out, and then top coated for years of protection.

She wants nothing more than to please you with her ample shelves and cupboard to store all of your goods. She would happily serve in a kitchen, bathroom, or in a children’s bedroom! She has a mid-century vibe that blends well with any design style.

Measurements: 33″L x17″W x 63″H

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