Vintage Wood Desk – “Mr. Finnegan”

“Reference #: DR0296

$375 (includes tax)

What caught your eye? Are you looking at the legs, the gorgeous custom grey colour, or be truthful, is it the Llama? We have to admit our eyes are drawn reluctantly to our sweet Llama boy, and he always makes us smile when we pull him out to stage. He hates been tucked away in the cupboard with all of our other junk. He feels he is far worthier than that. We have appeased him by letting him know we have officially found the Llama emoji on our iPhones, so he is officially trending and appears to be appeased for the moment. All that said, we cannot allow his presence to upstage this gorgeous desk. It’s a beauty. Solid 1930-40’s construction brought back to life with a custom blend of Rocky Mountain and Elegance from Country Chic Paint. Hours of sanding went into those legs and that top, so please avert your eyes from Mr. Llama for a sec and give them some love.

This desk or vanity, if you wish, has beautiful details, loads of storage in his seven lined and well-sliding drawers, fun new drop pulls, freshly sanded and stained legs, custom colour, and waxed to perfection for protection. So happy we got to save him. Yes, he is a “him.” Not many of them come through our doors, but they always want to stay as we have a studio full of gorgeous old rescued ladies!

Please say hello to Mr. Finnegan! Give the nod to the Llama, too, or we may have a mutiny on our hands! 

Measurements – 44″L x 20″D x 33″H 


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