Vintage 1930’s Painted China Cabinet – “Robin”

Reference #: DR0299

$565 (includes tax)

Today we are up to our eyeballs in snow. By noon we will have freezing rain, and by dinnertime above seasonal temperature where everything will melt and flood. Today’s weather is a bit like Mama and me choosing a colour for a piece – undecided and confused. This lovely 1930’s cabinet was going to be grey then teal then black until we eventually settled on an antique white which, I will say, was my colour choice right from the start. Mama begrudgingly agreed that a neutral was the right decision for such a timeless piece, and thinking that was the end of it I got on my merry way prepping to paint.

Mama was quietly working on a little-upholstered red stool in the corner, content (or so I thought) that we had democratically chosen a colour, so when an errant staple shot out of the gun in my direction I was a little taken aback.

“Mama, you just shot me”,  I yelled.

Her feigned look of shock, and what I now believe to be a smug little smirk, should have been my first clue that something was wrong, but she muttered her apologies, assured me it was the staple gun malfunctioning, and went back to work.

Once, an accident, twice a coincidence, but three times is bloody deliberate. Yes, I was shot three times with a staple gun today. Now I have not been hurt or anything as I am wise enough to keep my distance when Mama has a power tool, but I do believe, despite her claim of innocence, that those were indeed warning shots. Democracy appears to be unwanted around here and Mama seems visibly upset by being over ruled in the colour department.

Undeterred and ready to take cover at anytime should staples begin to fly, the revival began. Once the staple gun was safely back in its harness and Mama weaponless, she seemed a little less dangerous, so we made up and tackled this beauty together! We are both so proud of this revival. This cabinet was in dire need of an overhaul. Her true beauty was hidden under a bad stain job disguising her graceful charm and her 80 plus years were really showing. We “democratically” chose “Crinoline”, an antique white from Country Chic Paint for her entire body minus her gorgeous chubby feet. We layered on the paint and then pulled it away in areas to let her age show through. The result is a warm and naturally aged appearance with some dark wood coming through that really accentuates her rich dark wheeled feet. Her inside shelves were left with the dark stain and we oiled them to give them a new sheen. There are a couple of wear marks on the inside shelves as a testament to 80 years of living, but we rather like that!

We have named her Robin, as in Hood, as a tribute to my sharp shooting Mother!

P.S.  The staple story is true. I did indeed narrowly miss three errant staples shot from Mama’s gun. Mama does want to add the disclaimer that it was 100% the staple gun malfunctioning and she was not in the least bit disgruntled!

Measurements: 37.5″L x15.5″W x 66″H 

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