Antique 1880 Eastlake Dresser – “Martha”

Reference #: DR0304

$350 (includes tax)

When you tell an old girl from the 1880’s that you are going to revive her, stage her, shoot her, then plaster her picture all over social media, she rightfully looks a little confused and perhaps a bit frightened. It took us a while to calm her down and explain how furniture revival is done in 2019, and we think she’s all good now. In fact, she’s really good and has completely forgotten that she was born in another century. You see, we left our 140-year-old to her own devices, and overnight she filled her time discovering Snap Chat filters, Instagram stories, Facetime and is officially the oldest player on Fortnite.

Yes, we have created a teenager!

We had to have a serious talk with her this morning about screen time and the perils of too much social media. We were rewarded with a vacant uninterested look. She has already perfected the teenager shoulder slump and the look of complete disdain, and then she promptly responded to us via text message…despite being in the same room. So despite our exuberance bringing her into this century, we have created a problem. We are going to do a hard sell on her and tell you all about her glorious details so you can take her off our hands.

Her name is Martha and she is an iconic antique Eastlake Dresser from approximately 1880. Aside from her obvious charm, she is a solid functional three drawer dresser.  Needing a fresh start, Martha was sanded down, tweaked and tightened. We stained her top, allowing her age to shine through with visible antique nail heads and planks, and then we painted the rest of her in a custom blend of “Happy Hour” and “Rustic Charm” from Country Chic Paint. The colour is fresh and vibrant, and hand distressing gives her that warm, down-home country feel we felt she deserved. Martha has her original Eastlake brass handles, which we scrubbed clean and shined up. Her drawers have pretty paper liners that make you smile every time you open them.

So, if you think you can take on Martha and her spiraling social media addiction, give us a shout. Oh, and if you are successful, even just a smidgen, in figuring out teenagers, you may want to write a manual. You would make millions!

Measurements: 39″L x18″W x 34.5″H 

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