1870’s Oak Dresser and Mirror – “Myrtle”

Reference #: DR0307

$499 (includes tax)

According to Webster’s, the definition of “old” is

: showing the effects of time or use

: having existed for a specified period of time

: showing the characteristics of age

Some of the synonyms of “old” are: ancient, elderly, geriatric, long-lived, older, over-the-hill, senescent, senior, and unyoung.

Now, Dustbin has a whole other definition for “old” and she’s right here- our rocking Renaissance Granny named “Myrtle.” From what dear Myrtle tells us she’s 150 years old and with a bit of research, we think she’s telling the truth. She certainly looked all of her 150 years when we bought her and although we are all about empowering one another, we had to admit she had not aged well. It certainly didn’t affect her spirit though, she’s no spring chicken but she sure is feisty, and had very strong opinions on how this whole revival thing was going to go down. Miss Myrtle shuns all notions of being over the hill and told us where to delicately place our Webster’s dictionary definition! It’s not very often we do what we are told but in this case, we did, not with the dictionary, but with letting Myrtle guide us through her revival.

This old girl came to us not quite “put together”. We needed to work carefully to revive her, yet keep her history preserved. Myrtle insisted we keep her oak tops on display, so with tedious sanding, we were able to save them and produce a deep rich top. That was not happening for this old ladies bottom half! Her wobbly bits and blemishes needed to be sanded smooth, and then Myrtle chose a fitting creamy colour “Cheesecake” from Country Chic Paint to call attention to all of her special details. She told us exactly where to distress and sand her, and supervised the cleaning process of those glorious knobs. Myrtle claims at one time she had candle holders on either side of her mirror, but when their usefulness wore out, her owners did away with them. We have told her how much younger she looks without them, and by the time we finished waxing her even she had admit it was a pretty good revival.

Myrtle came to us from the 1870s but we really think that she is a perfect fit for any 2019 home! She has pretty drawers that are lined, and that glorious mirror that gives a full-length reflection has been recently replaced and installed professionally! Miss Myrtle is truly a one of a kind antique pieces with all of her quirks and history intact.

Measurements: 42″L x17″W x 34.5″H. With the added mirror 76.5″ tall.

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