Mid-century Five Drawer Solid Wood Dresser – “Sally Brown”

Reference #: DR0309

$450 (includes tax)

LOVE LOVE LOVE this mid-century dresser and the cute flower wood details around her knobs! She didn’t always look so sweet though. She had an unsightly orange hue, quite presidential actually, but we were able to rid her of that with a marathon of sanding and buffing. She’s quite the proper old lady; etiquette and charm abound, a true product of the ’50s. Me and mama padding about in our bare feet with paint under our fingernails and hastily drunk coffee spilled down our shirts make her worry about us a bit.  Plus Mama’s inclination to carry her handy dandy steak knife (aka her universal tool for everything) around is quite frankly a bit intimidating.

“Mrs. Brown,” as we have called her, has lived a very predictable and sheltered existence to this point so we are shaking her up. We started by shedding her dated stain and were thrilled to find natural light wood underneath. She felt a bit exposed so we washed her in a stain of “Sunday Tea” from Country Chic Paint to give her some coverage.  We then painted out her trim and bottom drawers in the same colour but full strength! The flower details behind her knobs are all hand carved and she was so proud of them we promised her they would be showcased. We popped little wood knobs into the flower centres to really showcase her true ’50s craftsmanship.

Mrs. Brown has let her hair down a wee bit and is getting used to the goings on around here.  She doesn’t seem quite as shocked by the daily antics and misadventures. We are even permitted to call her by her first name now and she seems a whole lot less stuffy when we get to call her Sally. Yep, Sally Brown the girl next door, a five drawer dresser that’s orange no more!

Measurements: 38″L x 20″W x 44″H

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