Vintage Five Drawer Curvy Dresser – “Sybil”

Reference #: DR0316

$400 (includes tax)

So Mama Dustbin and I have been on another self-imposed chocolate ban for a few weeks. I can’t honestly say it has been good for anyone, and relations of all kinds have been strained. Both husbands have offered several times to buy us a little treat just to “perk us up”. (So much hidden meaning in those words.) So yesterday, we had chocolate for breakfast, 80% dark of course because that’s the stuff that is good for you so you really don’t have to worry about how much of it you eat. At least that’s what Mama says. Well, we are going to eat chocolate every day because we got serious work done! Stuff got sanded (even stuff that shouldn’t have!), we painted and stained and waxed and staged. I even cleaned all of the cutlery that gets used for eating and mixing paint. It was an incredibly productive day. We shall never deny ourselves chocolate again.

One of the beautiful outcomes was getting this grand old lady finally finished. She had been scrubbed, sanded, stained and prepped but we had been torn about what colour to finish her in as she was a bit whiney and demanding. She’s quite stately and felt that she should be an antique white or a classic grey to pay homage to her traditional lineage.

“Hey lady, we ate chocolate for breakfast, you are not going to be white!”

There were a couple of days of indifference from her and the odd snarky comment about whether we knew what we were doing and today…silence. She knows it, she knows she was wrong, she knows she’s pretty, she knows people will love her, she just can’t let us know that she knows. She’s a stubborn one, but her fascination with her new self is slowly outweighing her need to be right!

So without much further adieu, please welcome the glorious and still stately “Sybil” to the Dustbin fold. A stunning five drawer curvy girl painted in “Bliss” and a hint of “Pea Coat” from Country Chic Paint.  We added new rustic handles to give her a country home vibe, slight distressing, and a rich stained top. Sybil is ready to move on to a much less stuffy life and let her hair down a bit. We may have made that up, she may not be ready but she will get there.

Measurements: 40″L x 20″W x 45″H

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