Antique Grey Dresser – “Mr. Barnaby”

Reference #: DR0332

$420 (includes tax)

So if we actually had an “Alexa”, could she come up with a witty post about this sweet old dresser and save us the angst of aptly describing his worthiness on this gloomy morning? Or would Alexa simply be like another child in the house that completely chooses to ignore or claims to misunderstand any direction?

“Alexa, please write a delightful post about this charming old dresser.”

“Alexa, are you listening?”

“Alexa, do you understand?”

“Alexa, I’m not going to ask you again.”

“Okay Alexa, answer me or you will lose your privileges.”

“Alexa, are you on your phone again because if you are on your I’m taking it away from you.”

So yeah, Alexa could cause a bit more aggravation than she’s worth. Mama Dustbin is completely against any devices that she has to speak to. “Siri” was a huge failure and could never understand Mama. I think it’s the remnants of her Yorkshire accent mixed with an adopted Canadian accent, peppered with a bunch of curse words. Siri doesn’t get it and proffers very strange responses to Mama’s request. Some are quite comical, or at least I think so. Anyway, it’s no go for an “Alexa” here at Dustbin. Although if “Alexa” does really listen in to conversations, we could provide her with a wealth of fodder and perhaps some new vocabulary!

Alrighty! On to what I really wanted to write about this morning. Mr. Barnaby! A lovely and quaint 1920’s/30’s dresser. He’s such a charmer and the Llama on top of him is pretty cute too. We found it on sale at IKEA Canada and who can resist a Llama? Mr. Barnaby had a pretty intensive revival, his bits and bobs needed to be tightened, adjusted and fixed as he had lacked some maintenance in the past 90 or so years. Once we had him in great working condition, we set about stripping his top and legs and adding some dark rich stain. His body was painted in “Cobblestone” from Country Chic Paint, then distressed and waxed. The glory of his original hardware was hidden by years of use but once scrubbed, became the crowning glory of this piece. Mr. Barnaby still has his caster wheels and beautifully lined drawers!

Measurements: 34″L x 18″W x 46″H 

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