Vintage Tall Cedar Chest – “Marilyn”

Reference #: DR0334

$425 (includes tax)

This is one of the most unique cedar chests we have ever found. She is tall and has long legs! The kind of legs you dream of, or at least Mama and I do; graceful and shapely with no wobbly bits and lumpy knees! Legs to behold for sure. We knew when we spied her in the corner that she was special and then to find out that she opened to a magnificent cedar trunk, well we could barely contain ourselves. All this to the apparent joy of the shop owner who knew we were not going home without her, and who did not want to budge on her price. After all of these years, Mama and I sometimes fail miserably in the art of negotiation. We get a tad giddy in the presence of old furniture and apparently don’t contain that very well. Needless to say, this grand old girl came home with us, and we have not regretted it for a moment.

With such iconic legs and her new white “dress”, she could only be called “Marilyn”! She is exquisite, and despite her advanced age, her inside cedar chest is immaculate. She is painted in VOC free Country Chic Paint “Cheesecake,” a creamy off white colour. Her legs and top are freshly stained. She stands a regal 31″ tall, which is exceptional for a cedar chest and would be stunning in a hallway or foot of a bed.


Measurements – 45″L x 21″D x 31″H


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