Antique Desk – “Fanny”

Reference #: DR0339

$350 (includes tax)

Faff – Definition – British slang. — “to spend your time doing a lot of things that are not important instead of the thing that you should be doing.”

And that’s precisely what I did when I came upon this collection of 1960/70’s Canadian Home Magazines in Mama Dustbins auction stash. I faffed, right there on the floor, full work stoppage blissfully flipping through 50-year-old decor magazines — pure joy. Now Mama Dustbin isn’t a faffer she can’t tolerate faffing; it’s just not in her vocabulary. Mama Dustbin spends her time much more wisely than me. My faffing frustrates Mama even though I try to convince her that faffing is good for the soul and should be part of everyone’s day and that despite my inclination to faff, I always manage to get things done and return to the task at hand.

Today, I am forced to eat my words. Faffing caused me to forget entirely about this glorious antique desk that we finished the day I found the magazines. So enthralled by the 70’s decor reading material, we used them as a backdrop to photograph our piece. I then bundled all of the magazines up to “borrow” and made a quick exit home to faff some more, all the while promising Mama Dustbin I would post this gorgeous piece and get her up for sale. Well, I forgot! Faffing had gotten the best of me. I have apologized profusely to Mama and this delightful old desk. They both deserved better than that and I have seen the error of my ways. Faffing shall cease, I will complete what I start, take a page from Mama’s book and stay focused and committed to the task at hand.

It lasted until 10 am this morning, then a momentary lapse occurred, but I do believe it was a step in the right direction and that every success should be celebrated, no matter how small. Mama not so much. So in an attempt to make amends, I’m getting stuff done and am happy to introduce you to this lovely antique desk.

Painted in Cheesecake from Country Chic Paint, this curvy detailed antique desk is perfect as a workspace or a pretty dressing table. Her top and legs have been sanded and stained, her drawers lined and pretty new drop handles added. She has been appropriately aged, distressed and waxed for protection.

We have named “Fanny.” I lovingly refer to her as “Fanny the Faffer” because I want her to come over to the dark side with me. I have not shared this tidbit with Mama, so should you be in Mama’s inner circle, please refer to her as Fanny!

Measurements – 45″L x 19″D x 31.5″H


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