Vintage Four Drawer Dresser – “Fancy”

“Reference #: DR0340

$339 (includes tax)

When you are painted in a colour called “Fancy Frock” you have a lot to live up to.

Sadly this old girl has been given no guidance from Mama Dustbin and me in the fancy department. Being from England, you think a bit of fancy would have made its way into my blood, but sadly no, it clearly it skipped a generation. Mama used to be a bit fancier than she is now, but I think four girls in six years slowly but surely knocked the fancy right out of her. We all kind of like the evolution to the slightly psychotic paintbrush wielding Mama that we have today though.

So our “Fancy Frock” dresser was left to her own devices to find her inner fanciness. We did our part by sanding her worn crackled finish off, exposing her glorious light wood grain, which we left on her legs and top. Her “Fancy Frock Country Chic Paint colour is the perfect complement to the natural wood, and her little button knobs are so cute, or should we say fancy! She is nearing 100 years old, so we made sure to distress to highlight her age rather than fix every blemish. We do love her very much, but we think she is hoping to improve her place in society. She has binge-watched all six seasons of Downton Abbey, and she is quite sure that we are not her people. We don’t think she requires a super fancy home but if you wear shoes and socks, eat soup with a spoon, limit your caffeine-fueled outbursts and keep your cursing to a minimum, life would be a little less bleak for our Miss Fancy Pants

Yep, she’s named “Fancy,” and she’s ready for rescue from this wretched fanciless existence that we have subjected her to. Perfect in a nursery, bathroom or anywhere a little fancy is required!

Measurements – 28″L x 16″D x 44″H plus additional 4″ of trim


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