Vintage Armoire with Drawers – “Blossom”

Reference #: DR0342

$410 (includes tax)

“I feel pretty
Oh, so pretty
I feel pretty and witty and bright!
And I pity
Any girl who isn’t me tonight.”

That’s just how this Navy Blue armoire is feeling today. Mama Dustbin and I not so much. We feel neither pretty nor particularly witty. Most likely courtesy of 452 Kit Kats last night. Why does all common sense go out the window in the presence of mini chocolate bars? It’s not like you would sit down and eat 4 or 5 full-size chocolate bars in one sitting, but you have zero issues with eating 100 little ones? Thankfully Halloween is behind us for another year, and we can get back to a sensible chocolate restricted diet. LOL, who are we kidding, Halloween candy is 50% off today! You know, buy it on the pretense of stocking up for next year.

On to business now, hyper-focused with all that sugar. Let’s take a look at this pretty vintage charmer! Mama and I found her tucked forlornly in a corner at an estate sale. She wasn’t her best self that day with a few of her bits hanging off and her finish shabby, in the bad shabby way. We did keep on walking when we first saw her, which is always hard for us because the desperate ones tend to haunt us once we leave. We were heading home empty-handed, which is also hard for us when Mama declared that she couldn’t leave her. So back in we went, made the deal and brought her home. It took her a few days to acclimate to life on the outside as life hadn’t been good to her and ageing hadn’t been kind. When she began to falter in the looks department, her family had cast her aside, banishing her to a life of despair. To make matters worse, her new location gave her a clear view of the piece that replaced her; a big box, particleboard cupboard. She told us her only consolation was the joy she got watching her family spend 300 hours assembling her replacement. And the arguments that ensued commencing with a threat of shoving an Allen Key where the sun don’t shine!

Well, all that is behind her now. She is a total rock star. Her prep was a bit laborious; we sanded, filled and reattached some of her lady bits and painted her in a rich “Peacoat” Navy Blue colour from Country Chic Paint. Since you can get a peek of her backing when her doors are open, we used this glorious wallpaper on her inside. We sanded and stained her inner working drawers, top, and legs, with a gleaning dark walnut. The addition of these knobs from D. Lawless Hardware will give any modern-day piece a run for their money! She’s an absolute transformation of her former self, full of vintage charm and quirks, but all thoughts of those lacklustre years are behind her now!

Please say hello “Blossom,” because she genuinely has blossomed before our eyes!

Measurements – 37″L x 22″D x 49″H 

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