1920’s Sideboard Server- “Lulu”

“Reference #: DR0344

$600 (includes tax)

We like to work outside in the summer but staging there has its challenges. None one will be as significant as Mama Dustbin filling all those holes on her back wall after we hammered about 5,000 different nails in to get this shot just right! This piece was just too giant to lug back over to the studio wall for photos, so we let nature do her thing and play a role in this debut!

We almost passed her by at the estate sale, so laden down with “treasures” she was, but Mama got a spy of those sweet legs, and we were smitten. When we finally unearthed her from under all the stuff, we realized she was a 1920’s solid wood sideboard. Sadly she had seen better days, and there would be many ugly sweaty hours invested in her revival. Not deterred, we wheeled this old girl right out of there and brought her home.

OK, it was not that simple; this piece was on the second floor. Mama doesn’t like walking backwards, so I always volunteer to do that when carrying pieces, but Mama moves faster than me and is in perpetual motion. So me cautiously going backwards downstairs with a 6′ server bearing down and Mama impatiently pushing from above caused quite a commotion. My fall from grace and subsequent pinning of a 100lb sideboard in the stairwell was quite epic. We left very quickly after that and am confident we would not be welcome back! No serious injuries, blood or disfigurement though, so around here, that’s a pretty good day!

We have named her “Lulu,” and painted her in a blend of Country Chic Paint Simplicity and Bees Knees creating a warm creamy hue. We scrubbed her clean and sanded and stained her top. She is sporting original hardware, including wheelie caster feet.


Measurements – 60″L x 22″D x 39″H plus 4″ back trim


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