Glove Dresser – “Agatha”

Reference #: DR0348

$400 (includes tax)

Thanksgiving weekend is upon us, and this delightful “Glove Dresser” made it to the wall before we shut down for a couple of days. She’s quite the proper lady, and despite her worn appearance when we acquired her, we knew she was quite posh underneath.

Truthfully “posh” has always alluded me, but Mama Dustbin can still pull “posh” off, however not in the mornings and not before her first coffee. Today I am anything but posh. I have had my hand up a half-frozen turkey’s back end as there is a bag of something up there that needs to be removed. Posh Mama reminded me of said bag this morning as last year I cooked the bird and it remained inside. I cannot find the bag today. Do all turkeys have this bag? It doesn’t help that I miscalculated the defrosting time, and the bird is still a partial ice block. What I do know is that I have an icy cold hand, and am scarred for life about the amount of time I have had it inserted in the bird. Mama has stopped taking my panicked calls. She may be posh, but I have the uncanny ability to frustrate the poshness right out of her. The irony of all of this is that Mama and I are vegetarian and won’t be eating the bird. So do I have to worry about the bag? Mama says, I do. Damn posh people!

Anyway enough of this digression. Our sweet old lady Agatha has had a spectacular makeover and is ready for a new home. She comes from an era of ladies dressing for dinner and donning gloves to go out. Her little glove drawers once held the daintiest of ladies’ attire. They can be repurposed today to hold jewelry, cosmetics or gloves if you so desire.

We have painted Agatha in Cheesecake from Country Chic Paint, stained and sanded her top and legs in dark walnut, lined her drawers and attached new wooden carved knobs. She’s beautiful, graceful and posh

I’m off to try and extract the bag from the turkey again. Thoughts and prayers appreciated.

Measurements – 43.5″L x 21″D x 38.5″H 


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