Blind Fronted cabinet – “Levina”

Reference #: DR0351

$520 (includes tax)

This old girl is simply lovely! A blind fronted cabinet in all her glory! She was a hot mess when we got her, but we specialize in hot messes as it’s a look that Mama and I embrace pretty much every day. This sweet cabinet has that old-world feel, but her charm was hidden in some 80-year old crinkly stain and some obvious neglect! She’s actually very elegant, and by the time we were done with her, she definitely outclassed us all. Despite not being from the 15th century, we felt she had a real Renaissance style to her. That prompted us to name her “Levina” after Levina Teerlinc, the wildly popular 15th-century Flemish artist who painted miniatures of Henry VIII. I’m sure you are all familiar with her and love her work. Ok, so maybe we were not quite aware of her, and maybe we did google her. But she was a bad a$$ artist in a time when women from the upper classes had only two options in life, marriage or the convent and Levina Teerlinc managed to overcome the cultural norms and became an acclaimed artist.

Our vintage blind front cabinet is honoured to carry the name “Levina,” and thankfully, she is neither a nun nor married and no longer restrained by any social limitations. Yep, she single! Levina is painted in a mix of Strength and Wanderess, VOC free paint from Country Chic Paint, giving her a warm woodsy green with hints of aged gold coming through and then highlighted with antiquing wax. She boasts two ample cupboards on the bottom with shelves and a large well-sliding lined middle drawer. Her upper cabinets are freshly stained and have two shelves. Her hardware is vintage and the finishing touch to this gorgeous revival.

Measurements – 38″L x 17″D x 62.5″H 

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