Mid Size Server Sideboard – “Blondie”

“Reference #: DR0364

$499 (includes tax)

This piece kind of matches this glorious winter weather we have today; crisp, fresh and beautiful. That sounds quite idyllic, doesn’t it? Well, it’s a lie. The weather pretty much stinks today. Blizzard winds, snow to your knee caps and freezing rain to come! Fortunately, we realized we had only posted this beauty to our IG page and completely forgot to put her up here, so there was a little reprieve from this blast of nastiness while we gaze at her and introduce you all.

She came to us a little forlorn and to be perfectly honest, completely lacking in the “pretty” department. We can’t speak to what had happened to her, but we knew we had to make it right. She said she had been rendered old-fashioned years ago by her owners and banished to the basement. We were pretty sure she was a knock out blonde under that old stain and finish, and she didn’t disappoint. We discovered beautiful blonde wood on her top. And can we talk about those legs…total rock star…she’s the Tina Turner of sideboards! Despite nearly sanding our fingertips off to get them to look this good, we would do it all over again. Plus, we could commit the perfect crime now as our fingerprints are permanently altered.

She was a demure old girl, and although a whole host of colour choices were coursing through our veins, we had to do right by her and honour her graceful curves and era. “Crinoline,” our favourite antique white from Country Chic Paint was the only real choice. We felt it really paid homage to her “old fashioned” sensibilities but gave her the style and confidence to live on for another 80 years. Since the first fist swipe of the sandpaper, when Mama shouted out, “She’s a blonde,” we have referred to her as “Blondie.” So Blondie, she shall remain.

Measurements – 54″L x 19″D x 36″H plus 4″ trim


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