Furniture Waxes


Natural Wax

2 oz  – $9.95
4 oz – $15.95
8 oz – $24.95

Tinted Wax (Pearl, White, Gold, Antique, Black, Grey)

2 oz – $13.95
4 oz – $19.95
8 oz  – $29.95
Note: Prices do not include tax

Looking for furniture wax that is easy to use, smells good and contains no chemical solvents?

Search no more!  Country Chic Paint furniture waxes contain beeswax and other natural waxes and oils and do not contain any mineral solvents. Easy to apply, you can create different effects with the different tints available:

Natural Wax: After your paint has completely dried, apply a coat of wax for a protective and professional finish!

Pearl Wax: This stunning metallic will give your piece a pearlescent shimmer. Apply it over the entire piece, or just add a few highlights.

White Wax:  This wax will give your piece a subtle white washed effect. Apply it over the entire piece, or just add a few highlights.

Gold Wax: This stunning metallic Gold Wax will give your piece a shimmery gold appearance. Apply it over the entire piece, or just add a few highlights.

Antique Wax: With this dark brown antiquing wax, you can give your piece a beautiful time-worn look.

Black Wax: Perfect for adding depth and impact to your piece. It will really make the details in your piece pop. Or use it on stained wood to deepen the color.

Grey Wax: This nice warm wax is perfect for adding a subtle bit of age to your piece. It shows up best on lighter paint colors.

For More Information

Ask us about how to get that smooth and buttery finish or watch the tutorials on  the Country Chic Website.


A note from Country Chic: Please note that the waxes contain tree nut oil, so they may not be suitable for use by people with a severe nut allergy.

Caught your eye and wanna try?

Contact us at dustbinrevival@gmail.com  or message us through Facebook for product information and availability.  We are happy to help you select colours and provide product recommendations based on our experience.