Tough Coat


4 oz (118 ml) – $11.95
Pint (462 ml/~16 oz) – $29.95

Quart (925 m//~32 oz) – $54.95

Note: Pricing does not include tax

Looking for a sealant that provides maximum protection for your furniture?

Tough Coat is a super strong, water-based sealant that will preserve your furniture’s surfaces for many years.

This is a great choice for kitchen cabinets, outdoor furniture, and table tops to make them water-resistant, scratch-resistant and resistant to heavy wear and tear!

Tough Coat Product Features

  • Adds extremely durable protection for high-traffic projects
  • Adds a beautiful satin sheen
  • Water-based and non-yellowing
  • Suitable for exterior projects
  • Eco-friendly and VOC compliant
  • Requires only two coats for maximum protection

NOTE: It is very important to  let your last coat of paint dry for at least 24 hours before proceeding with Tough Coat, otherwise you risk a streaky finish. If your work space is cold or humid, wait at least 72 hours so your paint coats have plenty of time to fully dry.

Other Finishing Options

Clear Coat is a moderate protection, VOC free, eco-friendly, water-based top coat that will add durability to your furniture. It requires more coats, but has less of a learning curve and is more user-friendly than Tough Coat.

If you’d like to use a 100% natural product with light protection, try using a Wax or Hemp Oil.

Caught your eye and wanna try?

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